Land of Belize - 8 Days


Land of Belize - 8 Days

Discover the natural wonders and rich cultural history of Belize. Explore the buzzing Belize City, t...

8 days
Multiday Tours in Belize
Belize City, Belize





Belize City, the largest city in the country of the same name, was also once its capital, back when it was named British Honduras. It remains the nation’s primary port city and provides for travelers numerous points of interest to visit, as well as serving as a great springboard from which to visit other places in the region. Travel to this city by the Caribbean and enjoy our 2015 tours and activities, which will take you on a journey you’ll never forget.

Enjoy some adventure and have fun with cave tubing and Belize zipride at Caves Branch Outpost. Travel to Caves Branch Outpost in the Nohoch Che'en Caves Branch Archeological Reserve, which you will have as your base of operations. From here, become a “zip rider” and ride a zipline between 150 and 600 feet through the tropical canopy. See lovely limestone cliffs and verdant foliage pass by as you practically fly through the air. After your ziplining experience, venture into cave tubing with a guide, who will take you through the underground cave system while teaching you about the various species of plants and animals in the area, as well as those used by the ancient Mayan people.

For more sightseeing and exploration, go through Lamanai Maya Temples and New River Safari. Start on a drive along the Northern Highway, where your driver-guide will describe the surroundings as they pass. As you achieve the Lamanai Landings, board a riverboat and start on a cruise down the New River, where you will encounter various birds and spider monkeys. As you the New River opens up into the Lagoon, the Lamanai temples will reveal themselves to you. Here you will disembark and visit the museum to learn about Belize’s history throughout the years. You will then go on an archaeological walking tour through the temple ruins, where you will be guided through sites like the Mask Temple, the Jaguar Temple, and the Ballcourt. End your tour with a lunch of Belizean cuisine at the Smoky Mermaid II by the water.

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