Visit Boracay, the sunny beach capital of the Philippines, and immerse yourself in its wild nightlife, pristine white sands, and splendid beaches. Take our 2015 tours and activities to assure you of a trip that you won’t forget.

Start your journey on land with a Boracay Island Tour to Mt Luho and go on a buggy or ATV trip up to the highest peak of Boracay. Travel to Mt Luho’s Ocean Tower, where you’ll be afforded a panoramic view of the Boracay landscape. After taking care of the sightseeing, descend to Puka Beach and marvel at the fine sand, shells, and coral in this pristine beach untouched by the commercial expansion.

Keep fueling that adrenaline rush with a Boracay Discover Scuba Diving Experience with jet ski ride and parasailing. Start by charging down the crystalline waters on a jet ski, accompanied by a guide, as you explore the island and all its sights. Strap to a parachuted seat, pulled by a boat, and discover parasailing as you soar above the water, getting a lovely view of the island. After all this above-water fun, descend into the depths of the ocean and embark on half an hour of scuba diving. Learn basics from a certified Master Instructor, then swim among tropical fish and get a closer look at coral reefs and shells on the sandy floor.

As the day fades, dive into the Boracay nightlife with a pub crawl. Go bar-hopping through five different bars and clubs and have free drinks as you meet fellow travelers just looking to grab a pint or enjoy in their own way. Play games, chug cocktails and beers, and dance the night away or share stories and experiences of your travels and time on the beach.

For a unique aerial perspective of the island, go on a scenic helicopter flight. Take to the skies and capture lovely images of Bulabog, Puka Shell, Diniwid, and other beaches across the island, as well as get a chance to see Tambisaan Reef.

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