The Sorrentine Peninsula and Capri from Rome Overnight
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The best part of our 2 weeks in Italy was enjoyed on this trip. Briefly seeing Naples and then exploring Pompeii before heading to Sorrento was an awesome side trip from our time in Rome. Pompeii blew away our expectations and the hotel in Sorrento had a balcony overlooking Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples. The next morning we boarding a ferry, headed to Capri and went into the Blue Grotto which is one of the more memorable days of our lives. Capri was bigger and more majestic in person then anything that I pictured in my mind. We had two different guides (one Naples/Pompeii and the other Capri) and both were knowledgable, passionate and happy to answer questions and confirm we were enjoying ourselves. Everything was taken care of too... if we needed to board a boat, our tickets were already purchased and we straight away to the boat; if we had to drive to the top of the mountain, our mini-bus was waiting as we rounded the corner. Do not try to re-create this tour on your own - its a great experience, you are treated well and there is simply no way to tour a place like Pompeii without a knowledgable and trusted guide. 5 stars.
Katie B., USA - June 26, 2014

Great tour! Italy countryside is really beautiful. We loved all towns! 2 out of the 3 tour guides were great; we loved Marco, he provided us important informations and he was sincerely looking out for our welfare, Teresa was very informative as well, Cludio, on the other hand, was very rude. He even embarrassed my nephew inside the bus because he thought he was noisy. He's a kid for gosh sake. The hotel was nice as well, quite far from the city center but there was a free shuttle to and fro (€1) for beyond 9pm. Food was abundant! Lunch, dinner and breakfast. We couldn't eat anymore. The drive to and from Rome is quite long so just entertain yourself by sightseeing or play with your iPad.
Anonymous, Philippines - May 11, 2013

Well worth it! A young couple on a long weekend trip we stayed in Rome for the first night but the tour held all our highlights. We felt that we could of spent much longer in Pompeii and were a little disappointed with what Naples had to offer. Sorrento & Capri were beautiful and we were really impressed with the hotel provided in Sorrento. We were lucky with the weather conditions and went on the trip to the Blue Grotto which was simply stunning. Well recommended.
Alistair B., United Kingdom - July 01, 2012

Everything went as scheduled. Guides were excellent and the attractions, Pompei and the Blue Grotto in particular, are not to be missed. The hotel in Sorrento was lovely and the food far exceeded our expectations for a hotel buffet.
Katherine L., USA - June 18, 2012

This is an awesome tour recommend the extra stay in Sorrento though to enjoy the hotel and area.
Matthew C., - June 10, 2012

SOrrento was beautiful and we enjoyed all the more since we were at The Grand Vesuvio!!! Could not get any better.... we had a room with breathtaking view of the Mt Vesuvious and to top all of it, we were there on 15 August for the Ferragusto Dinner, which was simply superb, with great italian dinner, live music and some dancing !!!! I am glad we did Sorrento and would like to do be there again for a longer time!!!
Rajesh S., Norway - November 10, 2009

We were in Italy for 2 weeks and the Sorrento Tour was by far the best, the highlight of our tour. Thank you!
Inge B., South Africa - April 21, 2009

This tour visits a lot of key things to see in the south of Italy which is great. There were also a couple of surprises too like a visit to a cameo factory and an inlaid wood factory. The food provided was very good. The hotel we stayed at in Sorrento was sublime - I felt very underdressed walking into the top class restaurant for dinner in my trainers! However, due to the fact that several groups on different tours come and go throughout the two days I STRONGLY suggest that each guide wears a company name tag or shirt and carries a company sign so that you know who you are meant to meet with at each of the changeover points. For example, I was at the hotel in Sorrento in the morning ready to go to Capri but I didn't know I was meant to sign in with someone called Marco. I didn't get a sticker as a result and this meant that he didn't get a ticket for me to go to the Blue Grotto (luckily I got in though!). Also, at the end of the tour we got off the boat in Naples and had no idea who we were meant to meet up with. There was a delay of about 20 mins while some went searching for our guide, not actually knowing who they were looking for.
Lauren O., New Zealand - August 18, 2012

This is a well organized tour which ran very smoothly. The Pompeii portion was very interesting and educational, thanks to our guide who, although sometimes hard to hear and understand, made a good effort in four different languages. It would have been better though if she wasted less time complaining. Marco, our guide in Capri, was very knowledgeable about the island. We learned a lot. However, he should hold up a sign so we don't lose him in the Capri crowds, which happened once. The seas were too rough to visit the Blue Grotto, but we were taken instead on an exciting boat tour of another section of the rugged coastline of the island. Our visit to the inlaid wood factory in Sorrento was a lovely added bonus. We stayed in the Grand Vesuvio Hotel, which was excellent, particularly breakfast.
Anonymous, Canada - May 27, 2011

disappointed with the hotel room we would have gladly upgraded if that had been an option we asked the hotel to move our room and they couldn't accommodate us otherwise the tour was wonderful a better hotel would have really made the trip
David C., USA - September 04, 2010

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The Sorrentine Peninsula and Capri from Rome Overnight

"We were in Italy for 2 weeks and the Sorrento Tour was by far the best, the highlight of our tour. Thank you!"

Inge B., South Africa

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The Sorrentine Peninsula and Capri from Rome Overnight
The Sorrentine Peninsula and Capri from Rome Overnight
The Sorrentine Peninsula and Capri from Rome Overnight
The Sorrentine Peninsula and Capri from Rome Overnight