Taipei: Hot Springs & Temples

What awaits you in Taipei? These are just some of the gems: Numerous Buddhist and Taoist temples, old-world charm keeping vigil on certain streets and surrounding villages, the bliss of a hot springs soak, and spectacular treks across volcanic landscapes and stony rivers. What’s really nice about them is that they’re not just tourist sights but are very much a part of the Taiwanese people’s lives.

Day 1Living n Lovin the City

Let the tide of people pull you along to top-notch sights. Let friendly locals help you out. Dedicate this day to getting a glimpse of how the Taiwanese people live, work, and play. Spend quality time then at the CKS Memorial Hall, Marty’s Shrine, and the Palace Museum. Pay homage to a variety of magnificent temples, shop at night markets, and mingle with the crowds at Dadaocheng, Dihua St, or Snake Alley

Day 2A spectacular Drive, unforgettable Hot Springs

Get out of the city so you could experience for yourself the awesome drive along Taroko Gorge or the spectacular scenery around the Yangmingshan National Park. The Taroko option offers the unforgettable drive along a 12-mile stretch of highway built into massive marble cliffs rising above a raging river. While Yangmingshan offers refreshing hot spring baths.

A three-day travel guide to Taipei

Your visit to Taipei should be well-planned so that you can visit the city’s main attractions and still have enough time to visit nearby villages. Staples in your itinerary should be the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, the National Palace Museum, The Taipei 101 Building, and the popular night markets in Taipei. But there is no dearth in the beautiful places to visit outside Taipei. There’s the rustic rural farms in Keelung, the quaint towns of Yingko and Sanhsia, Yangmingshan National Park which is just north of Taipei and the magnificent Taroko Gorge. Here is a three-day itinerary recommended by City-Discovery that covers Taipei’s best sights and other attractions nearby.

Day 1Taipei City Tour

The Half Day Taipei City Tour takes you to the most visited sites in Taipei. The itinerary includes a visit to the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and the Martyr’s Shrine dedicated to the fallen heroes of the war. You may be able to witness the changing of the guard ceremony which happens every hour. You will also visit the National Palace Museum, home to the world's largest and most valuable collection of Chinese art treasures. On display are ceramics, bronzes, oracle bones, porcelain, paintings, calligraphy, enamelware, jade, Ching dynasty costume, carvings, and cabinets. The tour proceeds to a traditional Taiwanese temple and handicraft center where you can admire the colorful Taiwanese craftsmanship. At night, go on a Mongolian barbecue dinner tour that includes a visit to Hwahsi Night Market. Walk through the Snake Alley and explore the small shops along the way. See the Taipei 101 Building brightly-lit at night.

Day 2Keelung, Yehliu and Wulai Aboriginal Village

Go up north on your second day to visit the growing industrial area and harbor of Keelung. Proceed to the Yehliu Coast to marvel at wondrous rock formations, sculptured through ages by wind and sea erosion.After lunch, take an air-conditioned coach to the village of Wulai to see the aboriginal tribesmen who were once the head hunters of Taiwan. Drive along scenic mountain road and ride in unique push-car to the top of a deep ravine to watch aborigine girls performing graceful songs and dances.  Along the way, take pictures of the Swallow Lake, Wulai Waterfall, Chieftain Statue.

Day 3Yangmingshan National Park and Hot Spring Bath

Leave Taipei invigorated with a visit to the Yangmingshan National Park, located just to the north of city. Stops will be made at a volcano site and Yangming Park before you driver downhill to Peitou hot spring area. Soothe yourself in the relaxing waters of the hot spring. Many say it helps to relieve muscle pains, nervous pains, digestive problems, arteriosclerosis and other ailments.Alternatively, you can take a 30-minute flight from Taipei to Hualien and travel through the 38 tunnels of the famous Taroko Gorge.

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