About Beijing Beihai Gongyuan

There’s a treasure trove of interesting stories hidden behind each element of this park. A thousand-year old park holds mysteries, as well as evokes grand visions of the past. The senses, however, are the first to be engaged, once you set foot in this park.

Natural beauty in concordance with artificial creations, BeiHai Park features landscaped gardens with artificial hills, pavilions, halls, temples, and covered walkways merging seamlessly with trees, hills, and a lake. The park used to be Kublai Khan’s playground and resting place and is older than the Forbidden City. Attractions include the White Dagoba on Jade Island, Round City (an artificial island that holds precious relics: a 3.5 tons jade jar and a jade Budda from Burma), the garden of Mind Cultivating Study (resembling a classical Chinese landscape), Temple of Eternal Peace (containing magnificent halls and artwork, an array of Buddhas, prayer wheels, and dragon sculptures on the roof), and the Nine-Dragon Screen (said to ward off evil spirits, one of only four in China).

How to get there
By bus: 5, 13, 101, 103, 107, 109, 111

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