About Cairo Coffeehouses - Ahwas

The Ahwas shine bright in Cairenes’ nightlife. At night, you would find many of them engaging in the age-old rituals of gossiping, smoking sheesha, and playing tawila (backgammon) at coffeehouses, found practically on every street corner. Ahwas are dominated by male patrons; women may feel uncomfortable sitting alone.

These Ahwas welcome foreigners and have a good reputation:• Fishawi’s Khan al-Khalili – said to be the oldest teahouse in Cairo; with a gleaming interior decoration• By al-Hussein Square, near al-Hussein Hotel; +20 02 5906755; 24 hrs• Vienna Café – favored by middle-class Egyptians• Qasr al-Aini St south of Tahrir Sq (located in Garden City); 7-2am• Maroush – an upscale café, has a relaxed ambiance• 64 Lubnan St, Mohandiseen; +20 02 3466891; 8-2am

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