About Denali

Denali National Park, Alaska, spans over 6 million acres of park and preserve area, and is chock full of wildlife and different sights for visitors to explore. It’s the location of the tallest mountain in North America, Denali, formerly known as Mt McKinley, which soars more than 20,000 feet above sea level. Its terrain has a greatly varying climate over its area, ranging from taiga forests to tundra regions, all the way to snow-capped mountains and glaciers at its highest altitudes. The Denali area has been occupied for over 11,000 years, with the oldest archaeological site dating to 7130 BC, though for the most part these sites have been shown to be camps rather than permanent settlements, which has made Denali truly an isolated place for most of its history. Visit the incredible Denali National Park now with our 2015 tours and activities and enjoy an excursion into the wilderness!

Our Denali Natural History Tour will take you on a journey through Denali National Park with interpretive programs that showcase the lifestyle and traditions of the native population, before European settlers arrived. Also see the influences of the pioneers throughout time. Visit Savage Cabin and get a Living History presentation that will teach you about early history and culture of the area, then go to Primrose Ridge for more insight into native culture.

Travel down the National Geographic #2 “Drive of a Lifetime” trail with our Denali Highway Jeep Excursion. Drive down 135 miles of gravel road and witness amazing nature trails, photographic opportunities, scenic landscapes, and more. You’ll get a feel for how large Denali and the national park are as you take in the magnificent, 360-degree views from your jeep. Along the way, your guide will narrate the history of the place, as well as describe some of the sights you’re seeing. You may also have pointed out to you some local wildlife, like beavers, moose, eagles, and porcupines.

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