About Hurghada Red Sea diving sites

Equip yourself properly so you can enjoy the marine world. With mask, snorkel, and flippers, you can already explore an unimaginably vibrant world of coral and fish. But with a tank and weigh belt, you will experience so much more! Or you can take a two-hour fantastic underwater trip in the Sinbad Submarine, the Middle East’s only submarine. In this journey, you don’t need to be a scuba diver—just enjoy the view through the glass.

There are numerous diving sites, which are full of coral and fish in the Red Sea near Hurghada. Here are a few recommended ones, where you might even get the chance to swim with dolphins. Did we mention that the Red Sea is also teeming with fish? Fishing aficionados, this is your paradise then.South of Hurghada·          Al-Gona. ·          East of blenda coral reef.  ·          Abu –Ramada Grana coral reef ·          Abu Hasish Island coral reef·          West of blenda coral reef·          South west Abu-Ramada coral reef ·          Megawish Island coral reef   North of Hurghada·          Abu-Monkar coral reef ·          Abu katra coral reef ·          Abu Nahass coral reef  ·          Um –Kamar coral reef ·          Al-oroof coral reef  ·          Al-Fanadeer coral reef  ·          Abu-Monkar coral reef ·          Abu-Nekad coral reef   ·          Tall coral reef.   ·          North of Al-Geftoon coral reef   ·          Major Seol coral reef  ·          Minor Seol cora reef    Sinbad Submarine can carry 44 passengers and has a crew of two pilots. It descends to a depth of 22 meters, to a perfect spot underwater where you can see different kinds of coral reef and colorful fish. The trip lasts two hours.

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