About Luxor Karnak Temple

The second most visited sight in Egypt (next to the Pyramids of Giza) is composed of three major temples—dedicated to Mut, Montu, and Amun—and smaller ones—dedicated to Khonsu, Opet, Osiris hek-Djet (Heqadjet), and Ptah.

For over a thousand years since the 16th century, a succession of Pharaohs has added and improved on the temples. Their combined work produced an overwhelming and diverse array of structures. Highlights include the Avenue of the Rams the Great Court, Sanctuary of the Sacred Boats, the Great Hypostyle Hall, the Sacred Lake, the Obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut, and the Cache Court (thousands of statues were excavated here). There is an open-air museum at the north of the Great Court.

First-time visitors may wish to attend the Sound and Light Show, which gives an insightful historical introduction to Thebes (on which Luxor is built), the Karnak Temple, the Pharaohs, and their great legacy. Shows are held everyday four times a day.

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