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See the Best of Paris in 3 Days!

The city of style, home of glamor, center of culinary delights, Paris sweeps your senses away with an array of historic monuments, cultural events, fashion shows, world-renowned museums, street cafes, and gourmet restaurants. To see the best of Paris within a short time, it’s important to plan your activities including what to see and do, transfers, pickups, and where to eat. Check how long an activity will take to make sure you will have enough time to enjoy.

Day 1Around the city-Cruisin!

Get ready for an eventful day in Paris! Climb the Eiffel Tower for a great view of the city. Make stops at the Pantheon, Arch of Triumph, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Louvre. Drive past the Champs Elysées Avenue for the opportunity to ogle chic shops and people. But be sure to cruise past Montmartre and the Latin Quarter as well. Spend the afternoon exploring the Louvre’s famous collections. Then make dinnertime a romantic cruise on the river Seine!

Day 2Montmartre & Cabaret

Enjoy wine and cheese for lunch. Then experience Montmartre’s unique atmosphere. Explore secret nooks and crannies, climb up and down steep stairs, get lost (happily) in winding streets. Enjoy a magical evening, dining and wining at the Eiffel Tower, followed by vivacious nightlife at the cabaret at Moulin Rouge!

Day 3Out of Paris into Versailles

Go out of the city to witness the magnificence of the Versailles Palace, with its dazzling hall of mirrors, exquisite furnishing, superb paintings, and enormous parks and gardens. Get a guided tour at the historical Château de Fontainebleau, surrounded by a protected forest that used to be a royal hunting park.

Fun & Shopping in Paris

Paris is the capital of fun and shopping as well as high art. Enjoy two days discovering the city’s masterpieces, at the Louvre, a high-end shopping center, on a cruise, and Disneyland!

Day 1Louvre the Mona Lisa & shopping!

What’s Paris without visiting Mona Lisa? Don’t you want to see what the fuss is all about? So enter through a glass pyramid into the Louvre, where Da Vinci’s masterpiece resides. Reserve the afternoon though with some sinful pleasures: shopping at La Vallee, where some big names in the fashion industry have set up shop. Spend the evening with a genuine Parisian dinner (why not at the Eiffel Tower?) and a bit of sightseeing along the river Seine.

Day 2Disneyland Paris

Take a break from high culture this day to live the magic at Disneyland Paris. Avoid the crowded train going there by arranging for a hotel pickup… Scream like crazy as your rollercoaster turns cartwheels in the air!

Day by Night in Paris

Is it possible to enjoy Paris in a day? If you’re on wheels or on a boat, yes! See the best attractions of the city by day and party with one of the world’s best cabaret by night.

Day 1Open Tour & the Cabaret

First, hop on the Open Tour bus armed with a one-day pass. The bus takes you past the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Champs-Élysées Avenue, the Latin Quarter, Montmarte, Saint Chapelle, and many more places of interest! With four major routes and over 50 stops, you can cover a lot of ground in one day. Hop on and hop off the bus as you will: sightsee, shop, walk around, lounge in a café somewhere…. The possibilities are endless. Come nightfall, don your best evening attire for a romantic dinner cruise then catch a performance of Bonheur at the world-famous Lido Cabaret. 

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