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Welcome to Villa Medici, seat of the French Academy in Rome. This outstandinghistoric building has been a French property since 1803, when NapoleonBonaparte acquired it from the family who gave it its name. It is under thesupervision of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.

Cardinal Ferdinand of Medici (1551-1609) is responsible for most of its presentcharacter. In 1576, he put the Florentine architect Bartolomeo Ammannati incharge of the extension of the country pavilion he had bought from CardinalRicci’s heirs, in order to transform it into a palace able to show to the Romans hisgreatness and his ambitions, on the location of the legendary Luculus’ villa. Themannerist painter Jacopo Zucchi carried out the inner decorations whileAmmannati adorned the façade looking onto the garden with an extraordinarycollection of ancient bas-relief. The works lasted until 1587, when the Cardinal leftRome to become Grand-Duke of Tuscany.The Cardinal also created vast gardens. Their 16th century line is still preserved,remaining nonetheless a lively place. It gracefully carries the signs of the posteriorperiods, with the pine trees planted in the 19th century or some squares and flowerbeds’ transformations in the second half of the 20th century. The charm of this parkand the views it arranges on Rome made it a source of inspiration for the greatestartists such as Velasquez, Ingres and Corot.The French Academy in Rome was founded by Louis XIV’s minister, Colbert, the11th of February 1666.

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