7 great boutique hotels in South East Asia

South East Asia has plenty of boutique hotels that are just perfect: neither too big, nor too small, with fine architecture, outstanding service, and great locations - why would you ever miss out? 1.

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24 hours in Singapore

Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, Singapore is always ranked as one of the world's most attractive big cities.

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24 hours in Bali

24 hours in Bali Bali has truly been blessed by the gods. The island has a variety of incredible landscapes to offer, high quality hotels and restaurants, and a very well developed cultural life.

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24 hours in Tokyo

It goes without saying that the world's largest city has a number of different facets to offer.

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The Art of Indian Cuisine

Biryani, vegetable or meat curry, fried pooris, cheese naans or dhal: traditional Indian dishes are diverse and have their own characteristics. Discover the key features of this tantalizing cuisine.

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The best urban beaches in the world

Enjoy spending time on the beach and bathing in the sea but find desert islands boring? Like to do some shopping, go to the cinema or spend time in classy cafes or restaurants after you've been out on the sand and in the sea? Then beaches close to city ce.

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The cherry blossom season in Japan

Spring, along with the fall, is the best time to visit Japan.

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World Heritage Site #1: Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is a complex of ruins that was the site of the Khmer Empire's capital city between the 9th and 15th centuries.

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UNESCO World Heritage site

March Destination Focus: Hong Kong

Superb cuisine, great shopping opportunities and family favorites like Ocean Park and Disneyland make Hong Kong a perfect destination any time of the year.

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Focus On Hong Kong

7 Reasons Why It's Fun to Travel Solo

Solo travelers are flexible and are able to shape their itineraries according to their whims. When something unexpected happens, it's easy to go with the flow than having to wait on someone's go-ahead.

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