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7 Reasons Why It's Fun to Travel Solo

Solo travelers are flexible and are able to shape their itineraries according to their whims. When something unexpected happens, it's easy to go with the flow than having to wait on someone's go-ahead.

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12 Scenic Horseback Riding Trails

Mark the year of the horse by getting to know these majestic hoofed creatures.

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8 Places to Be on New Year's Eve

10 Late Summer Getaways Around the World

Your big summer getaway is just about to begin! With the millions of summer and Labor Day-vacationing crowds at home or at school, it's the best time to bring out the luggage for the adventure of the lifetime.

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Mysteries of the World

[nggallery id=12 template=carousel images=15] The world is full of mysteries inherited from early civilizations: abandoned cities, megaliths with baffling origins, drawings that remain indecipherable and ancient tombs that are more than meets the eye.

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Vacation Breaks for Adults

When the kids are away, the grown-ups can play. For some travelers like young professionals or couples, the best month to explore and take a break are the months when everyone's gone home or at school.

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11 Ways to Travel Like a 007

50 years since the spy movie "Dr.

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New on CityDiscovery - September 2012

As September ushers in cooler weather and more spacious destinations, we bring a refreshing set of tours consisting of food tastings, afternoon activities, heritage tours, discounted combos and more. September is ripe with European tours.

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Fall-Frolicking Trips

Travel doesn't stop in Autumn. While the sun comes out less and flowers fade away, the season brings its own unique offerings not experienced in the warmer and livelier seasons.

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Trips to Make Dad's Day

Just for dad, sign up for a getaway that speaks to his passions and interests. Whether dad's outgoing or a more indoors type, there's an activity just for him. Celebrate the man with one of these travel experiences that the whole family can enjoy.

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