Mysteries of the World

[nggallery id=12 template=carousel images=15] The world is full of mysteries inherited from early civilizations: abandoned cities, megaliths with baffling origins, drawings that remain indecipherable and ancient tombs that are more than meets the eye.

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11 Breathtaking National Parks to Visit - Slideshow

For awesome experiences, one simply needs to find a National Park. National Parks showcase nature at its most dramatic and entrancing, preserving acres of unspoilt grasslands, active volcanoes, primeval forests and freely roaming wildlife.

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11 Summer Food Trips - Slideshow

Prepare your appetites for a gastronomic journey of global proportions! Summer is the ripe time for finger foods, cold treats and explosive flavors.

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15 Famous Houses - Slideshow

A house can be many things:  shelter,  refuge,  playground, workshop, storehouse and so on. In the case of celebrated personalities, a house is also a time capsule. Even with their famous owners long gone, the houses remain with their traces and relics.

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10 Things to Do on a Leap Day - Slideshow

Like the Olympics, a leap day happens once in every four years. 2012 is one such year where a leap day, February 29, appears on the calendar.

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Murder, Mayhem and Mystery Tours

Our scary tours are not just for Halloween or horror buffs. Listen to ghost stories, visit creepy graveyards and haunted houses.

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