Discover the Maeght foundation

The Foundation Maeght is a privately owned modern/contemporary art museum.

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A Taste of Oktoberfest

What started out as a celebration of a Bavarian Royal wedding in 1810, Oktoberfest has turned into a world-renowned beer festival and funfair.

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World heritage site #5: Gion, Kyoto, Japan

One of the most interesting UNESCO World Heritage Sites that you will find anywhere is located right in Kyoto, Japan. In the Gion Quarter; you can find ancient places and designs dating back between 794 (the Heian Period) to 1192.

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10 lesser known museums you must visit

Visiting popular cities can mean long lines and big crowds in well-known museums during the high tourist season. However, there are other off-beat spots museum buffs can explore. Discover 10 top off-the-radar museums you can visit. 1.

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The Magic Kingdom park from Disney in Florida

Spending the last day of the kids' summer vacation at Magic Kindom in Florida turned out to be so much more than I anticipated.

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24 hours in Venice, Italy

Encompassing 117 islands, Venice offers a truly unique experience as you travel by gondola within its charming precincts. Take in the world-renowned art and architecture, which will leave you wishing to extend your stay beyond a single day. 9 a.m.

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24 hours in Rio de Janeiro

There is a lot that you can find to do in Rio de Janeiro whether you have a week or just 24 hours to take a look at this big, beautiful Brazilian city.

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5 sports that you can practice anywhere, anytime

Sometimes you really need to stretch your muscles and burn off some excess energy. Luckily, there are several sports which you can practice virtually anywhere you are.

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24 hours in Zürich

Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland, boasts a bustling cosmopolitan center of museums, galleries, cafes and nightclubs set to a background of sweeping mountain vistas.

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24 hours in San Diego

  Whether you’re looking for relaxation on sand and surf, hiking through the world's best nature, or enjoying delicious local cuisine, 24 hours in San Diego will easily feel like a lifetime’s worth of adventure--and that’s only the beginning of what.

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