Discover Universal Studios in LA

Universal Studios Hollywood is a massive space located north of Los Angeles. It's one of the top ten tourist attractions, both in the city and in the state of California.

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Burning Man, an experience unlike any other

Created by a handful of hippies around a campfire in the eighties, - the event celebrates its thirtieth anniversary this year - Burning Man has, over the course of three decades, become one of the world's most famous festivals​, and probably the most off-.

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24 hours in Miami

Miami combines the best parts of destinations where visitors simply want to relax, with the best bits of more active city breaks, offering something for all ages virtually all year round. 8 a.m.

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The Vatican museums

It's difficult to visit Rome and miss out on a visit to the Vatican.

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24 hours in Sevilla

Sevilla is an ideal place to visit for a few days: the weather is great most of the time, the architecture is gorgeous and the food is delicious and cheap! 9 a.m. Here's a tip for an adorable little place to start your day: the Cacherreria.

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5 beautiful gardens in Continental Europe

Can there be any urban dwellers who've never felt that they were missing out on nature? Who hasn't felt relaxed and refreshed after visiting a park or a garden? Just like the best restaurants, some gardens are destinations in their own right.

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24 hours in Los Angeles

Discovering Los Angeles means immersing yourself in the world's largest dream factory. The world's movie capital, with its beaches, sun, and stars, has lost none of its power to captivate. 9 a.m.

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World Heritage Site #3: Mont Saint Michel

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, Mont Saint-Michel is an essential stop on any trip to France. Thanks to its history and its beauty, it attracts over 2.

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24 hours in Kyoto

In the hearts of the Japanese people, Kyoto remains the cultural capital of the Empire of the Rising Sun. The wealth of its cultural heritage seems limitless: 1,600 temples, 400 Shinto sanctuaries, 200 sacred gardens...

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7 great boutique hotels in South East Asia

South East Asia has plenty of boutique hotels that are just perfect: neither too big, nor too small, with fine architecture, outstanding service, and great locations - why would you ever miss out? 1.

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