12 Scenic Horseback Riding Trails

Mark the year of the horse by getting to know these majestic hoofed creatures. In the Chinese zodiac, horses are known to be fast-moving and fun-loving, just like these equestrian activities which provide an ample quality time with these noble animals whether you're taking the reins into the great outdoors or watching a thrilling exhibition from behind the fence. 

Horseback riding is a rewarding way to explore natural surroundings, get some fresh air and travel point-to-point just like cowboys and nomads of old. Beginners and experienced riders are all welcome to the activity which begins with a safety orientation. Endowed with stamina and endurance, horses can lead their riders in a variety of landscapes and discover scenic trails. Or riders can explore the vastness of beaches and deserts underneath the blue sky with just their fine steed.

The Wild Wild West Sunset Dinner Ride

Leave the glitz of Vegas and saddle up with a great horse, great company and a grand adventure into Nevada's desert wilderness. Enjoy the wildlife sightings of jackrabbits, hear a coyote and watch an unforgettable sunset.

Horseback Riding from Sharm el-Sheikh

Depart Sharm-el-Sheikh and ride into the desert  accompanied by a guide. Enjoy the scenery of the Sinai Mountains at your own pace, stopping for a drink at a Bedouin tent and sipping a cup of the local tea before returning to the stables. Trips run all day but it's recommended to ride out at sunrise or sunset for maximum effect.

Saddle up your horse and go riding in a a 550-acre plantation at Rhodes Hall from Negril before enjoying the moment of swimming with the horses.

Horse Safari in Kusadasi

Go horseback riding along the beaches and countryside of Kusadasi. Take the chance to learn about the horses and get tips on riding from the experts. There will be a short indoor warm-up ride before taking the reins.

Ride on horseback along the fauna, flora, rivers, creeks, lakes, natural monuments made of stone and the diverse landscapes of Bogota. During the ride you will be at an altitude of 3500 meters above sea and you'll see beautiful sights such as the dam of San Rafael. You'll see the churches of the city, huge lakes, and many beautiful sights

Los Cabos Horseback Riding

Experience the thrill of riding horseback along sandy tropical beaches with sparkling turquoise waters of the Cortez Sea from Los Cabos.

Set off on a number of different rainforest routes and explore waterfalls, plants, animals, farms and other beautiful areas in the Paraty Bay landscape.


 Horseback Riding and Vineyards in Tuscany

Enjoy your journey from Rome to the colored and perfumed Roman countryside. riding a horse for two hours inside the Castelli Romani Park which boasts a natural terrain with a large variety of different environments: hills and valleys, mountain ranges and lakes, woods and meadows. Stop at a local farmhouse where you will be served a delicious 3-course traditional lunch with three courses. Alternatively, head to Tuscany and have a relaxed horseback ride in the Chianti region where world-famous Florentine wines are produced. Navigate among vineyards, olive trees and medieval villages, leading to a 14th-century estate where olive oil and wine are produced.

Santiago Mountain Horseback Riding

Embark on a 3-hour horseback riding journey through Santiago's rugged Cordillera, guided by local Arrieros (cowboys). Put on chaps and mount a Criollo - a stout and hardy, long-distance horse breed known for its stamina in mountainous terrain. scale the mountain paths, and cross some streams along the way before stopping at an arriero ranch for a cup of coffee or a mate and a picnic lunch.

To get a real sense of old time Alaska, travel like the original pioneers did by horse-drawn wagon. As guides are giving an overview of the area's mining history, local folklore and natural treasures, passengers will be pulled through the Alaskan tundra with the mountains of Denali hovering overhead.

The Viking Horse and Gullfoss and Geysir Express

The Icelandic horse is a breed that has remained virtually unchanged since the Vikings brought it to Iceland in the 9th century AD. Enjoy a riding tour on the outskirts of the capital.

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