24 hours in Bilbao, Spain

  Bilbao is a small bustling city that you can explore by foot. If you’ve only got one day to spend in this fascinating town, this perfect itinerary will show you what exactly Bilbao is.

10:00 AM
Start the day big by visiting the place Bilbao is most known for, the Guggenheim Museum. It is one of the major attractions in the area having generated 4 million tourists in just a few years. The museum is surrounded by large sculptures and exhibitions that’ll have you taking Instagram-worthy photos non-stop.

12:00 PM
You’ll need a breather after looking at a series of art so head over to Porrue Restaurant which serves a mix of European, Mediterranean, and fusion dishes. Take in their perfectly cooked dishes filled with flavorsome ingredients and don’t forget to pair it with wine.

1:00 PM
If you’re in the mood for shopping, now is the time to do so since you only have until 2:30 PM. By that time, everyone will close their shop for their afternoon siesta. Look through boutiques or better yet, visit the new shopping center that is Zubiarte plus La grúa Carola.

2:30 PM
Closeby is the Maritime Museum which tells the maritime story of Bilbao. The museum of full of exhibits and galleries that you can spend all afternoon looking at. Another museum you can explore is the Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao.

6:00 PM
You’re probably famished at this point after taking beautiful art all day so drop by  La Vina del Ensanche Restaurant for some Spanish cuisine. Try out Spain’s famous pintxos which are bite-sized snacks that come in a variety of flavors.

8:00 PM
Make sure to save some space in your tummy for more pintxos because the next bar you’re about visit is guaranteed to be lined up with more pinxtos. Wind down at the Bihotz Cafe Restaurant where you can choose from their localbeer options and enjoy the café’s relaxing atmosphere.

10:00 PM
After a long day at this beautiful town, you are finally ready torest so go to the Grand Hotel Domine Bilbao which is located near the Guggenheim Museum. Book one of their clean and spacious rooms. You might want to pick one with a view so you can wake up to a beautiful sight of the city the next day.

- Guggenheim Museum: Abandoibarra Et. 2, 48001 Bilbao
- Porrue Restaurant: Recalde Zumarkalea, 4, 48009 Bilbao
- Zubiarte plus La grúa Carola: Ramón de la Sota Kaia, 1, 48013 Bilbao
- Maritime Museum: Muelle Ramon de la Sota n0 1, 48011 Bilbao
- Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao: Museo Plaza, 2, 48009 Bilbao
- La Vina del Ensanche Restaurant: Diputacion 10, 48008 Bilbao
- Bihotz Cafe Restaurant: Calle Arechaga 6, 48003 Bilbao
- Grand Hotel Domine Bilbao: Alameda de Mazarredo 61 | Right Opposite the Guggenheim Museum, 48009 Bilbao

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