24 hours in Florence, Italy

Worried there might not be enough time to discover Florence in just 24 hours? Fear not. This itinerary will take you through the most captivating sites and delicious Italian cuisines that best capture this country’s center of Renaissance.

8:15 AM
You don’t want to waste time missing out on a beautiful city such as Florence so start the day by visiting the Galleria degli Uffizi. This gallery is home to some of the most beautiful artwork by great renaissance artists like Raphael, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, and Michelangelo. You’ll want to get in early to avoid long lines.

10:00 AM
Next up is a stroll through the iconic Ponte Vecchio Bridge which is the only bridge that managed to survive the Second World War. Shop for souvenir items at the market within the bridge and don’t forget to take pictures of the beautiful Arno river view.

12:00 PM
After a whole morning of walking, you’ll want to eat some authentic Italian pizza at the Gusta Pizza. Enjoy the best pizza Florence has to offer and pair it with a bottle of wine. Top it off with a delicious dessert of gelato at the La Carraia. For one euro, you can already enjoy a small cone of gelato.

2:00 PM
Time to check out Duomo which is a famous cathedral in Florence. Take in the beautiful architecture of the religious building or better yet, walk around the area surrounding Duomo for some exploring. If you’re needing a quick bite, you can have some bread and cheese at the Piazzale Michelangelo.

5:00 PM
By sun down, you’ll want to come in early for some fine dining at the best restaurant in the city, Cibreo. The place tends to get busy but not without good reason. The restaurant offers savory Tuscan dishes that is complemented by old world style and impeccable service.

7:00 PM
After dinner, you’ll need a night cap so head on over to Ristorante Sant’Ambrogio which is just near Cibreo. Order your favorite wine or cocktail and enjoy the vibrant night life in the Piazza.

10:00 PM
After a long day of looking at precious art and tasting delicious food, you’re finally ready to retire at the Continentale hotel which is situated at the famous Ponte Vecchio. The hotel features a sleek and minimalists design –just exactly what you need after a whole day of exploring new things.

- Galleria degli Uffizi: Piazzale degli Uffizi 6, 50122, Florence
- Ponte Vecchio Bridge: Via Por Santa Maria/Via Guicciardini, 50125, Florence
- Gusta Pizza: Via Maggio, 46R, 50125, Florence
- La Carraia: Piazza Nazario Sauro 25, 50124, Florence
- Duomo: Piazza del Duomo, 50122, Florence
- Piazzale Michelangelo: Viale Michelangelo, 50125, Florence
- Cibreo: Via de' Macci 122r, 50122, Florence
- Ristorante Sant’Ambrogio: Via Luigi Carlo Farini 5r, 50121, Florence
- Continentale hotel: 6r Vicolo dell'Oro, 50123, Florence

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