24 hours in Osaka, Japan

Osaka, Japan is a destination full of unique attractions that are sure to entertain, nourish, and relax your soul. You’ll have no problems filling your 24-hour itinerary when you’re here.

9:00 AM
Start your journey at the city’s most beloved attraction, the Osaka Castle featuring impressive stone walls, copper roofing topped by an opulent leaf trim. Climb on top of the observatory to get a panoramic view of the city or look through the artifacts reminiscent to the castle’s former inhabitants. You can also walk around this park’s lovely grounds for the rest of the morning.

11:00 AM
If you’re willing to take a late lunch, visit the the Museum of Oriental Ceramics located at Osaka’s oldest park, Nakanoshima. Explore some of the most distinguished ceramics in the world displayed under natural and computerized natural light simulation. Take your time looking through the prestigious collection of crafted pieces some of which came from Korea, China, and Japan.

1:00 PM
You’ll need an appetizing meal to re-energize you after taking in so much history on the first half of your day so head to Cui-daore for a quick bite. The restaurant offers Japanese specialties such as shabu-shabu, sukiyaki, and kaiseki. More tasteful selections can be found on its eight floors but if you’re in a hurry, you can simply choose by looking through their numbered models.

2:00 PM
After lunch, you might be in the mood for some retailtherapy so head for the mall near Osaka Station. You’ll know which one it is because it’s right beside a large red Ferris wheel. You can ride the HEP Five Ferris Wheel later for an outstanding view of the city. But before that, feel free to shop for unique items at Japanese and Western shops in the mall.

5:00 PM
To cure your hunger after a long day of adventure is Mimiu which offers one of the best traditional Japanese noodle stew. Started in 1920s, this Japanese restaurant serves each pot of stew containing fresh and tasteful ingredients such as cabbage, eel, yams, clams, mushrooms, and mitsuba.

7:00 PM
You’ll want to follow up a hot meal with a cool drink so drop by the Pig and Whistle  which is a traditional English pub. You can enjoy playing a game of darts with fellow travelers and locals or simply enjoy the pub’s selection of beers and other spirits.

10:00 PM
A little buzz should have you headinghome. For that, you can book a stay at the Hotel Hankyu International which is an upscale hotel featuring European interior and fantasticviews of the city. Rooms start at the 26th floor so all guests can enjoy a spectacular view. Book a room here and you’ll have plenty of things to enjoy the next day such as their restaurants, boutiques, and amusement centers.

- Osaka Castle : 1-1 Osakajo Chuo-ku, Osaka
- Museum of Oriental Ceramics: 1-1-26 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka
- Cui-daore: 1-8-25 Dotonbori, Osaka
- HEP Five Ferris Wheel: 5-15 Kakuda-cho, Osaka
- Mimiu: 6-18 Hirano-machi, Osaka
- Pig and Whistle: 2-6-14 Shinsaibashi-Suji, Osaka
- Hotel Hankyu International: 5-15 Kakuda-cho, Osaka

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