Photo Review: A Picnic at Versailles

Angelune enjoyed her 8-hour bike tour of the Versailles with City Discovery. Below is a photo of the bike tour guide, Andrew, as he briefs the group on the day's itinerary; and a photo of a controversial Murakami installation with the Versailles Palace in the background.

Versaille Bike Tour - City-Discovery.cimMurakami Installation at Versailles, France -

This was a great way to see Versailles. I thoroughly enjoyed the picnic and the bike ride. Our guide, Andrew, was very nice and knowledgeable. -- Angelune, Canada, October 20, 2010

Chateau de Versailles, one of the grandest royal residences ever in history, covers 18,000 square meters of land. Most tourists don't realize that they can only visit a fraction of the Versailles gardens on foot. More ground can be covered with a bicycle. First, visitors must be fortified with delicious food. Angelune began the tour with a visit at the village market to buy baguettes, cheese, ham, wine, and other food supplies for the picnic later in the Chateau's gardens. The rest of the day was spent cycling through tree-lined gardens.

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