CityDiscovery Travelmate: Crissa of Paris

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A Paris-based product manager, Crissa could go on and on about the City of Light.

"I love Paris for the memories." She gushes, "This is a beautiful city with incredible stories. Whether you are on a walk alone or entertaining a visitor, the moments are priceless. The food is delicious, the scenery is breath taking and the places to go are endless. There is so much to discover in this city. It’s hard to sleep—Paris is always awake! I feel complete contentment, something about Paris always feels just right!"

The Paris aficionado delightfully shares her passion about exploring the French capital. Discover our travelmate's favorite activities and spots in the city as she dispenses some essential tips.

Describe to us the perfect Parisian day.

A perfectly Parisian day means going on a bike ride along the Quai, having Amarino's ice cream and then going to the Luxembourg Gardens for a fabulous picnic with delicious baguettes, cheeses, meats, olives and fruits. Take time to nap and read, then go on a walk through the Tuileries and experience the grandeur of Notre Dame and stay up late enough to see the Eiffel Tower twinkle.

A perfectly Parisian day is a day where you can walk around and see the streets of Paris. Every area is so different in Paris with so much character! If you travel by metro every where you will miss it! You must stay atop to be able to witness the true magic of Paris!

Tuileries Garden.

What is your favorite activity?

Visiting Versailles by bike. An organized tour can take you to the world famous market in Versailles, where you can load up on fresh strawberries, sweets, breads and spreads galore! You get a chance to meet marketplace characters such as the crepe man, cheese man, etc.

Then you ride through the perfect tree lined streets to get to the most magnificent picnic spot.

Biking in Versailles.

This spot is on the Grand Canal and you eat your tasty treats with the Palace of Versailles as your backdrop. Talk about a picture-perfect moment! The day ends in the Palace of Versailles for the opportunity to walk around and see the Hall of Mirrors and more.

Picnic along the Grand Canal.

What is your favorite spot in the city?

My favorite spot in the city is Montmartre where all the artists sit in a square along the cobblestoned street and paint at Place du Tertre. It's a famous part of Paris that takes you back years and years to old Parisian times. I think it is so fascinating and fun to be a part of. And then you are right next to Sacre Couer!


Anything travelers should watch out for?

Be aware of closing times for the metro because they do not stay open all hours at night.

Paris Metro Station. Photo Credit: Joshua Veitch-Michaelis.

Name one thing in the city that visitors will never find anywhere else.

I am convinced that no where else does a city truly never disappoint. Paris is the City of Love and I am positive that every traveler will be fueled with new passions once they experience this city. Paris is charming and will captivate any traveler, any age. Your heart will have a new beat upon traveling here!

Photo Credit: Moyan Brenn.

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