If I skipped Qs in the Vatican, would I see more of Michaelangelo and the Pope?

Besides being top cities worldwide and on City Discovery, they’re home to famous landmarks, monuments, theaters, museums, and entertainment centers.

Every year, millions flock to the Vatican to worship at the seat of Catholicism and to visit magnificent museums and chapels. The city’s highlights include the Sistine Chapel holding Michaelangelo’s frescos, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Raphael rooms, Pinacoteca, Gregorian Egyptian & Etruscan Museums, Ethnological Missionary Museum, and the Gallery of Tapestries.

Consequently, they’re also home to long lines, magnets to thousands of tourists who don’t wish to miss out on the world’s must-sees. No matter the time, or day, or season, the crowds do not seem to let up.

Even if you show up early in the day, there’s a big chance that entrance tickets had run out because so many other visitors had the same bright idea. Some attractions also limit the number of visitors per day.

Fortunately, there is a way to skip the queues. Travel options such as Skip the Line tickets allow visitors to breeze through long lines.  These tickets, which can be purchased online, guarantee fast, hassle-free entry to European attractions such as the Vatican, Louvre Museum (Paris), Doges Palace, (Venice) Accademia Galleri and Uffizi Gallery (Florence), and Borghese Gallery and Gardens (Rome). Prepaid skip-the-line ticket holders enjoy priority entry privileges, which allow travelers more time to explore.

Skip the Line Tickets are purchased online. Ticket holders don’t need to wait long to enter attractions. Sightseeing Passes are booklets holding a number of travel options such as prepaid admission tickets to major attractions, maps and guidebooks, and shopping and dining discount coupons.

Visitors interested to see as much of the city’s best may also choose to purchase Sightseeing Passes, which serves as a one-price admission to the city’s top attractions and are usually valid for several days of the purchase date. Sightseeing passes often come in bundled tickets, which cost more if purchased individually. Savings can be as high as 50 percent. Pay a low price once, and enjoy free entrance to attractions.

To get your money’s worth on the Sightseeing Passes, try to visit at least half the included attractions. Take advantage also of shopping and dining discounts featured in many sightseeing passes.

With limited vacation time and opportunity for big savings, the skip the line tickets and sightseeing passes certainly are useful, offering the opportunity to explore independently and at leisure. Go to City-Discovery.com to purchase for  major attractions in Europe, North America, and Australia.

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