Cool Things to Do: Tours of Ice and Frost

Freezing temperatures mean fun times. Take advantage of the cold by taking to the ice with these cool frosty activities. Lace up those skates or hiking shoes as you circle rinks and explore glaciers. Or just bundle up and chill out at an ice bar or ice museum.

Glacier Hiking and Ice Rappeling at Sólheimajökull

Sólheimajökull from Reykjavik

11% of Iceland's total area is covered by glaciers. Get up close to these frozen giants by a hiking and ice climbing trip. Explore the glacial tongue of Sólheimajökull, a rugged, raw and ever changing hub of ancient frozen water. Navigate the outlet glacier's ice formations, sink holes and jagged ridges accompanied by an experienced guide. Find an ice wall along the way and attempt ice climbing. Travelers will be provided with all the necessary tools such as ice axes, crampons and safety lines, ensuring their safety as they brave the heights.

Ice Climbing and Rappeling on Viedma Glacier

Viedma Glacier from El Chalten

Bring out your adventurous side with a day trekking across the Viedma Glacier, complete with ice climbing and rappelling. Travelers sail along the Viedma Lake until they get up close to the Viedma Glacier, a five-mile wide ice field that provides a unique trekking terrain. Experience the color blue like never before as caves, crevices and deep cracks in the ice are explored. Once travelers have taken some time to get to know the glacier on foot, they will have the opportunity to do some ice climbing and rappelling.

Eyeskate at the London Eye Ice Rink

London Eye Ice Rink
Take advantage of skating with an iconic landmark, open only from November to January. Skate in the shadow of the London Eye situated on the festive South Bank. Visitors don't have to bring their skates though they are free to use them.  Each session lasts 45 minutes. A perfect combination with a London Eye ride.

Wollman Rink from New York

Wollman Rink from New York
Have a magical moment in New York City with a leisurely ice skate at the Wollman Rink. Juxtaposed with the Central Park and the city skyline, the Wollman Rink is famously seen in countless TV shows and movies.  Seasoned or first-time skaters are welcomed. Ice skating tickets provide guaranteed admissions and skate rental.

ICE! at Gaylord Palms featuring Frosty the Snowman

ICE at Gaylord Palms Hotel from Orlando
Snow in Orlando? Better believe it. Experience winter at the Gaylord Palms Hotel with Frosty and his friends. In this frozen retelling of the Christmas classic, visitors can see two million pounds of hand-carved ice sculptures, four ice slides and an area dedicated to live ice carving. Watch a master carver from Harbin form ice statues and see the nativity scene in ice. End the evening at Disney's Town of Celebration to watch the snow right there on Main Street.

Chena Hot Springs and Aurora Ice Museum from Fairbanks

Chena Hot Springs and Aurora Ice Museum from Fairbanks
Sixty miles from Fairbanks, the Chena Hot Springs is Alaska's only year-round hot springs resort famous for its mineral waters, Northern Lights displays and the Ice Museum, which features a gallery and an ice bar. Built from more than a thousand tons of ice and snow from the resort, the museum keeps a -7 degree celsius environment even during the summer. The museum is a winter wonderland featuring an ice tower with themed bedrooms, snowball fort, igloo and other chambers. After looking around the museum, visitors can relax at the Ice bar serving beverages like an "appletini" in an ice-carved martini glass.

Xtracold Icebar from Amsterdam

Xtracold Icebar from Amsterdam
Experience Amsterdam's coolest attraction. Visit Amsterdam's Xtracold IceBar, a unique cafe made of 35 tons of ice kept at a temperature -10 degrees celsius. Patrons can enjoy a vodka cocktail or extra cold beer in an environment where walls, furnitures, bar stools are made entirely of ice. They are also treated to a 20-minute 4D ice experience complete with special glasses, thermal clothes and wind turbines as they take a sensory 'ride' over and under extreme ice landscapes, feeling the cold wind in and the trembling floor while sipping 2 cocktails from a glass that is of course made of ice!

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