Vacation Breaks for Adults

Unlimited Champagne BBQ Brunch Cruise from Sydney

When the kids are away, the grown-ups can play. For some travelers like young professionals or couples, the best month to explore and take a break are the months when everyone's gone home or at school. Shoulder seasons provide a great opportunity to take a leave and let the kids spend more time with their grandparents.

Whether to recharge, rekindle romances or simply have fun, taking a vacation break is healthy for the mind and the body. Loosen up and take it easy with these activities  and return home refreshed!

Long Haul Holidays

Have a change of horizons and see the world or commit to that long-postponed second honeymoon. The farther, the better. Reach for new cultures, sunnier cities and isolated beaches like the uninhabited Robinson Crusoe-like island from Nassau.

Sandy Toes - Rose Island from Nassau

Discover the ancient sites of Sri Lanka from Colombo such as the Anuradhapura Rock Fortress, the Royal Botanical Gardens at Peradeniya and Sri Lanka's second capital Polonnaruwa. Or find world wonders in North India with Varanasi, birthplace of Buddhism, the Khajuraho temple complex, Agra and the famous Taj Mahal.

Anuradhapura from Colombo

See the colors of Western Cape from Cape Town and the canyons of Nuweiba from Sharm-el-Sheikh.

Western Cape Flowers from Cape Town

Outdoor Recreation

Go on an adventure amidst breath-taking surroundings and pamper yourselves afterwards. Reykjavik has a Viking Horse and Blue Lagoon combination that brings outdoor fun and relaxation together while San Jose lets you visit one of the world's most active volcanoes before slipping in a naturally heated jacuzzi.

Costa Rica's Tabacon Resort

Hike up to the Seven Sister Falls in Grenada's Central Mountain Range and take a refreshing swim in the waterfalls' large pools. Enjoy both pools and trails in Rio de Janeiro while hiking the road from the Big Island to Serra dos Orgaos. Ride a 4x4 through the rugged terrain of Pampanga's lahar valley formed after the eruption of Mount Pinatubo and be treated to a unique sand spa experience.

Lahar Safari Adventure from Manila

Celebrate with Champagne

Landmarks and world wonders are even more spectacular with a glass of bubbly. Toast to the view in London and in Singapore while riding the world's tallest observation wheels.

London Eye Champagne Experience

Enjoy the king of drinks in Paris while cruising the River Seine inside a private room with a sommelier or while touring the French countryside.  Unlimited champagne is served on board an authentic tall ship in Sydney complete with barbecue and Sydney Harbor's unbeatable views. Savor a flight over the Grand Canyon with a light picnic champagne lunch. Clink glasses while chatting with the pilot aboard a Barbados submarine.

Reims Champagne Tour from Paris

Night Tours

Embrace the night and all its quiet, mysterious and charming beauty, especially when they're longer. The classic way to do it in Paris is through a dinner at 58 Eiffel Tower and a cabaret show presented by the world famous performers of Moulin Rouge or Lido.

Moulin Rouge

A Bateaux Evening Cruise in London, New York and Dubai ticks all boxes of an unforgettable evening: Jazz, check, panoramic view, check, excellent menu, resounding check.

Bateaux Dubai Dinner Cruise

Madrid's Florida Park club comes alive with Flamenco's heel stamps and swishing skirts.

Madrid's Florida Park

Even San Francisco's California Academy of Sciences become a party venue complete with DJs and cocktails.

NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences

Pub Crawls

Enjoy the companies of friends new and old along and get introduced to different watering holes around upbeat European cities. Get free shots of jager, vodka, sambuca or apple sour in five pubs of Amsterdam's Red Light District. Head to the capital of Oktoberfest country, Berlin for truly local bars, art squats, cocktail lounges, authentic pubs and finish the evening in some of Berlin's most happening clubs.

Berlin Pub Crawl

Join Budapest's best moving party and get an insider introduction to their nightlife scene. Welcome shots of Bohemian Absinthe, unlimited Czech Beer, Moravian Wine and vodka shooters await party-minded travelers in Prague where the largest music club in Central Europe is located.

Cultural Soaks

For those who want to dig deeper into the unique characteristics of a city, a walking seminar will surely satisfy the intellectually curious. Led by a scholar or a docent, a walking seminar takes no more than 6 people from museums to neighborhoods in Florence, Madrid, Istanbul and more.

Introduction to Madrid

Take all the time browsing and examining museums and art galleries without fear of tapping feet, restless youngsters or taking hours in line, especially with priority entrance in museums with legendary queues such as the Vatican's.

Vatican Museums from Rome

Or watch an exciting show on Broadway with a more adult sensibility.

Chicago on Broadway

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