Mongolia Cycling Tour - 14 days

Mongolia Cycling Tour - 14 days

Go on an exhilarating ride through varied terrains from deserts to grasslands, from peaks to valleys...

14 days / 13 nights
Tours from Ulaanbaatar
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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About Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia and its largest city. Due to a high altitude and, well, being in Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar is the coldest capital city in the world, where the temperature can go as low as 40 degrees below 0 Celsius. Despite the remoteness of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar is a thoroughly modern city that has become a major transport hub as well as a center of business and culture. Within this eclectic city, modern cars, suited businessmen, and towering skyscrapers co-exist among Buddhist monks and temples. Travel to Ulaanbaatar now and explore Mongolia and its lively capital with our 2015 tours and activities.

Go on an amazing adventure through the varied terrain and sights of Mongolia with a Cycling Tour that takes place over an incredible 14 days. For half a month, proceed along 370 kilometers spread out over 7 and a half days’ worth of cycling, of which only 20 kilometers are on paved roads! Travel down into valleys, up hilly trails, and by rivers and waterfalls all throughout the country. Start at Ulaanbaatar, where you’ll have dinner and enjoy a special performance by local entertainers. Then, go on a guided tour of the capital, seeing its unique attractions like the Winter Palace of the Bogd Khan, and the National Museum of Mongolian History. After this, fly to the town of Bayankhongor, from which you’ll bike up to an elevation of 2100 meters, where you’ll enjoy a magnificent adventure into valleys, hot springs, and jaw-dropping mountain views. Begin your cycling journey in earnest at Khebel Pass on the fourth day of the tour, where you’ll start going through the Khangai Mountain range. Over the next few days, climb up Morin Davaa, Oromtiin Davaa, and various other passes, having lunch breaks along the way until you reach your campsite. Travel through the valley’s floor and ascend Khukhiin Davaa, then head towards your lunch spot before stopping by a camp of the local Ger, where you’ll learn more about the life of the nomads. Go through major climbs of the Khangai Range on the seventh day of the tour, travel along the Tsenkher and Orkhon River, then visit the amazing Karakorum, the medieval capital of the largest contiguous empire in the world, the Mongolian Empire. End your lengthy adventure at Khustai National Park, where you can learn more about this country’s history.

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